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Registration & Welcome

8:30 am

Get in, grab a coffee and start to meet others like you.  All systems are Grow!

Welcome from the MC - The Growth Infinity 

9:00 am


The founder of Disruptive Unicorns is our MC for the day. Angela will lead the conversations on the ‘Growth Infinity’ - what it means to have your plans and people aligned and how growth for New Zealand is incredibly important as we face into the unknown.  

Google Search Inside Yourself Program

Emotional Agility 

9:15 am


For us to thrive we need a new set of skills in emotional agility. People need support in coping with the 3 Rs: Robotics, Redundancies and Restructures. Some people have expanded capacity to deal with this. So how do you develop emotional agility in order to help people through growth?  

How to grow better by improving sales & marketing alignment 

10:15 am


'Sales Reps are arseholes' and 'Marketing teams sit around doing arts and crafts'.... sound familiar? Sales and marketing are not mutually exclusive. Smart organisations align their marketing and sales teams and grow better. So how can companies create a system of synergy and close more deals together? 

Coffee Break

10:55 am

Fuel up, check the texts and get ready to jump back in.

Organisational Design, creating an agile business structure

11:10 am


Alex is an experienced change management and organisational development professional who is an expert in redesign and business improvement. She’ll be speaking about how business structure needs to be agile in today's environment: sometimes rigid, but never permanent. 

From ZERO to HERO with your customers and your partners

11:50 am


Gordy is the Global Commercial Director of the influential and new travel platform If you’re interested in learning about results, relationships and a no box approach, you’ll love Gordy’s presentation. 

Lunch Break

12:30 pm

Enjoy a bite and a chat.

The Era of Talent Intelligence

1:15 pm


To build innovative products, deliver world-class service and be a successful business, you need great talent. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, with over 1 million members in New Zealand. This presentation will look at how data and insights can power great business outcomes. 

How Brand Stories Drive Business Growth

2:00 pm


Stories are the intersection between customer and employee and they directly impact how your brand grows or dies. Join Cassie for a high energy discussion on branded stories through people that directly impact your brand. If you are not telling your brand story – someone else is. 

Coffee Break

2:40 pm

Final fuel stop.

Why AI is the future of customer engagement

2:55 pm


AI is the talk of the town, yet technology assumption is gradual. Josh will explain what this technology is, why it is important and how AI can assist in growth marketing and improve the employee experience. 

Implementing and scaling a digital growth program for Lancom

3:35 pm


Through her content strategy work, she grew digital traffic from zero to an outstanding 8,000 unique monthly visitors, boosting the business growth through digital strategies. Priscila will share the lessons she's learned in setting up and scaling SME’s digital strategy.  

Creativity and Innovation: Why is it important?

4:15 pm


Business growth has two functions: innovation and marketing ---> and people are key to this. Join Mike for this closing keynote on tying business growth together and why people, creativity and innovation are so important. 

Closing Remarks & Networking

4:55 pm

Wrap it up and bring it home.